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Land Services & Seeds

Boedeker Ag Supply has a wide range of equipment to serve you with any land services you may need! With 3 Dozers, a Maintainer, Excavator, Barco Grinder and a Bobcat with multiple attachments, we can clear brush, build tanks or anything you might need done around your farm or ranch!

We carry multiple types of grass seed including but not limited to, Common Bermuda, Giant Bermuda, Cheyenne Bermuda, Commanche Bermuda, Hay Grazer, Klein Grass, Wheat, Oats, Bahia, and Rye Grass Seed. You can rent our Grain Drill, No Till Grain Drill, Three Point Seeder and Roller to help you put out your seed! 

Once you have an established stock tank, if you need assistance in maintaining it, we can measure your tank via Google Earth and give you a custom PondScript. This will let you know the size of your tank, what and how much of a product you need to use to dye your water, kill algae, kill shoreline weeds, or clear up mucky water. Stop by today for your custom PondScript!
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