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About Boedeker Ag Supply

How It Started

Boedeker Ag Supply first began as Vrana Gin. Julius J. Vrana purchased the gin in 1933. A few years later he also purchased the neighboring feed & general stores. It was called Midway Cash Store. Cotton was ginned, feed milled, ag products sold, and you could also pick up your groceries and a cold beer at Midway! Julius ran the store until passing away in 1965. Working at the store as youngsters, Julius’s sons Duke and Harvey Vrana took over the stores after their father passed and continued ginning cotton up until 1969, when cotton farming in the area was coming to an end and they shut the gin portion of the store down. They continued to run the ag and general stores until 2004 when Duke retired, closed the general store down and sold the ag store.

Growing the Business

Marvin and Cathy Boedeker bought the Ag Store, Harvey stayed on to manage and from 2004-2014 they worked to grow Boedeker Ag Supply. Warehouses were added to include the on-site building of self-feeders, more space for fertilizer rig building and equipment maintenance, equipment sales, growing fencing sales, and a new office and larger feed warehouse.

Overcoming A Fire

In October of 2014 a fire that broke out in the mill destroyed the mill, feed warehouse and office. The office was moved into a portable building while the office and warehouse were rebuilt. After the fire, we were no longer able to mill feed at Boedeker Ag Supply, but we work closely with a mill to guarantee that custom feed is still available for purchase here.

Boedeker Ag Supply Today

While you can no longer stop by to have cotton ginned, get groceries or drink a cold beer, Boedeker Ag Supply has just about anything else you could need. Stop by today for your fencing, fertilizer, feed, feeders, equipment, lawn, garden, animal health supplies, tools, hardware, wildlife supply, and land servicing needs!

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